V for Veggy


Hello and welcome to my blog! I am Anita and I started V for Veggy on January 2017 to focus solely on vegetarian dishes since my husband and I are slowly adopting this lifestyle. I also blog on Daily Cooking Quest where I share my omnivore-friendly recipes. I love to cook and I love to share and compare recipes. V for Veggy is all about vegetarian recipes, and though my husband and I will never be 100% vegetarian, we strive to consciously think more of what we put into our body.

That said, both of us are adventurous eaters and we love to travel and sample all the local food, so when we are out and about, we eat anything and everything. And don’t worry, we are good guests, just serve us anything and we will happily gobble them up :)

My husband and I grew up in Indonesia and this is actually very conducive for us to transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle. Cheap food for the masses usually means a plate of steamed white rice with a serving of tofu, tempe, egg, and sambal. Plus, we have plenty of vegetarian-friendly salad such as gado-gado, karedok, and pecel. Even our traditional sweets are not only vegetarian friendly, but also friendly to those with vegan and gluten-free diets! Most of the recipes I share are what we have been eating growing up, but there will also be some that are based on my experiments developing a vegetarian-friendly version based on my favorite dishes. So stay for a while and have fun looking around, and hopefully you will find one or two recipes to try.

Thanks for visiting!