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Fried Bananas

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My favorite 4 o’clock tea time snack is piping hot deep fried bananas or plantains, served with hot jasmine tea. This tasty morsel is called pisang goreng in Indonesian, and along with bakwan, is a very popular street food. It is more appropriate to prepare pisang goreng with cooking banana such as plantains or saba bananas, but I have always get a good result using regular (cavendish) banana as long as they are still firm, even better if the skin is not 100% yellow but not 100% green, or…

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Corn Fritters


God I love fritters! Indonesian fritters (bakwan - read as “bug one”) is a magical way to transform vegetables, mixed or otherwise, into deep fried fluffy food stuff that is best eaten piping hot as soon as they come out from the vat of hot oil. Bakwan street sellers usually have a huge wok filled with hot oil and they just fry these from the moment they open shop until the last of the bakwan is sold. It is best to visit when it is not lunch time or school breaks since you can…

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